Unknown HERO - Item Farming RPG. [HACK/MOD: No Skill CD]
20k Download Achieved! RPG games created by solo developers! Combine various items, skills and attributes to create the ultimate character! ▶ Simple RPG   - Hunting, eating items, hunting the boss ~! ▶ Item Farming   - Catch monsters until you
Idle Army Tycoon [HACK/MOD: Money]
Idle army tycoon is an army hero and army tapper game where you will click for coins and upgrade by tap. Military clicker army battle is idle economy booster game in which we ranks up army soldiers and rank up coins then earn millions, billions,
Ever Dungeon : Hunter King - Endless Darkness [HACK/MOD: God Mode/One Kill]
“Ever Dungeon : Hunter King“ is a simulation game of dark style and dungeon adventure games. ***Endless dungeons, endless adventures!*** In prehistorical times, man defeated the monsters and sealed them in the dark castle.The power of the seal has
Coin Princess VIP: Retro RPG Quest [HACK/MOD: Free/Money]
■ VIP version Effect 1) + 100 Gems (=3$) 2) Remove Banner ads(except compensation video ads) The game is a kind of retro trend and has dramatic story and ending! 
New Horizontal RPG game! 

Endless Knight - Epic nonstop idle clicker RPG [HACK/MOD: Money]
Endless Knight - An epic incremental nonstop idle clicker role playing game featuring stunning retro style pixel art graphics, epic music and old style arcade sound. Visit the long forgotten realm with dungeons, caves, swamps packed with endless
Micro RPG [HACK/MOD: Dmg]
📝 Note: This is a BETA version of the game with limited features. We need your feedback to improve it. Thank you 😊 Subscribe if you want to receive next versions: -------------- Monsters have invaded the kingdom taking advantage
Galaxy Trader [HACK/MOD: Free/Money]
Galaxy Trader is a relaxing, open world space RPG. You'll enjoy it if you're looking for a peaceful exploration game that focuses on cargo hauling and trading. 🌌 Features: - Beautiful visuals and an immersive soundtrack - 3 hand crafted solar
Simple Dungeon [HACK/MOD: Free/Money]
Simple Dungeon is an action role-playing game set in a fantasy world. You are a treasure hunter who arrived to the mysterious island searching for a legendary treasure. Be ready to explore dungeons, defeat hords of monsters and find a lot of
Castle Legend3: City of Eternity [HACK/MOD: Money/Equipment, skills upgrade level needs 1]
2000 Dia year, &in distant northwest Silert continent,&a mysterious and powerful alien force arised.&They rapidly occupied northwest continent with their ancient dark magic,&home of previous Saxon Kingdom.&This growing force was
Power Monster [HACK/MOD: Mod Menu/Stats Multipiler ]
Join a Guild By joining the guild, players can gain a large number of attribute bonuses by upgrading the guild skills. If the guild fight against the boss together and achieve success, you can get a lot of rewards! Earn Massive gold earned “Gold