Hidden Hotel [HACK/MOD: Money/Energy]
Do you like mysterious puzzles and the process of hidden objects finding? What about renovating an old hotel? Incredibly involving and mysterious story of a strange old hotel will take you through unforgettable gaming journey. Just search and
Legend of the Skyfish [HACK/MOD: Unlocked all Levels]
** Touch Arcade - 4.5/5 'Get hooked on this' ** Pocket Gamer - 9/10 Gold Award! 'Leave the sword. We're going fishing.' Legend of the Skyfish is a beautiful action adventure puzzle game with a unique weapon and tool - a fishing pole! Follow the
Survival: Island of Doom [HACK/MOD: Free Shopping]
Dive into atmosphere of wild and dangerous uninhabited islands. You don't have any means of protection but don't give up! You can explore the islands, gather resources and craft your own weapons, tools and armor. Only the strongest will survive and
Dizzy Knight [HACK/MOD: Money]
Grab your sword and start spinning! Dizzy Knight is a fantasy action game full of monsters, power-ups, bosses and more! Master the art of the spin as you defeat wave after wave of fantasy monsters in this one of a kind dizzying adventure. Can you
ACCESS CODE: HEAVEN - an action-oriented platformer in METROIDVANIA genre. The game is expected to follow the Metroidvania-style gameplay. This game is a spin-off for Into The Abyss game series. ACCESS CODE: HEAVEN is a platformer game in which you
Adventure Escape Mysteries [HACK/MOD: Use the Stars Don't reduce anti-increase]
Investigate cryptic clues, unravel a mystery, and solve puzzles in beautifully illustrated adventures! Catch a criminal mastermind in Trapmaker and save a fantasy kingdom in Cursed Crown! PLAY THE BEST PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAMES The Adventure Escape
The mysterious ship - Find the clue [HACK/MOD: Money]
Fog floating in the cold sea. A cry came from the depths of darkness. A fishing boat drifting with a smell of blood. What exactly happened to them? You reproduce one after another horrible story when finding the truth. Anyway you must be
The Chaoz [HACK/MOD: Money]
Enjoy The Chaoz, at your own pace but don't blink. We promise, it will be hardcore. ✔️ beat records in arcade; ✔️ unlock new heroes ✔️ compete with friends and beat their highscore; Game features: ✔️ simple control with one finger; 👆 ✔️ the game
The ImpureThe Impure [HACK/MOD: Free/Unlocked all Chapters/Levels]
They looks same, just like they see us. The coastal city was teared down by earthquake and tidal wave caused by it. A group of black square creatures, was rescuing their brothers and sisters in the ruins day and night with all their efforts, even
Love Bites [HACK/MOD: Free Shopping]
Twins Brandon and Kaitlyn have just graduated and are looking for part-time employment to keep them occupied during the summer. They would never have guessed this was the beginning of a nightmare. After going to a party one night, they endure