Power Ninja- Rangers: Chibi Evolution [HACK/MOD: Unlock the level]

Power Ninja- Rangers: Chibi Evolution [HACK/MOD: Unlock the level]

Category: Action
Language: Multilanguage
When champion Galvanaks claimed the Ninja Neksus Star, earths' greatest ninja sacrificed himself to keep the universe safe.

Galvanaks is determined to become invincible by controlling the mythical Ninja Neksus Prism, which contains six supernatural Ninja Power Stars.

The evil Galvanaks sends his skeleton army down to Earth to steal the Prism from Chibi Ninja Rangers, with each epic battle against the Chibi Rangers broadcast throughout the universe.

Download and help the Power Rangers Ninja Chibi to defeat the skeleton army.

Power Ninja Rangers: Chibi Evolution features:
- There are 15 levels with powerfull unique bosses
- Dash and flawless movement with 3D graphics
- Skill-based combo gameplay
- Discover the mysterious weapons
- Rich background music and sound effects
- Classic gameplay that remind us for the arcade machines from good old days
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