GODLIKE Creatures [HACK/MOD: See in Description]

GODLIKE Creatures [HACK/MOD: See in Description]

Category: Puzzle
Language: Multilanguage
Menu Mod
DMG x20
DEF x20
DMG + DEF Multiplier (1-1000)
No Ads in game

Meet Creatures! Experience a new turn with the Strategic Turn-base in the fight. The character is very cute bright. Freedman For the advantage With many playing modes. And many characters to all collect.

- The system is easy to understand, compact and unique.
Creatures come with a familiar turn-based system. But this time it will be presented in a new way. That will make you enjoy. And learn the system of Creatures easily and quickly, and have the system to equip our Creatures to strengthen it. And new skills. With the device to find a lot.

-Creative Creatures
Meet many creatures. They are classified according to the tribe and element, and each has different leadership skills. There are many options to organize your dream team. If you want to win decisively. The team can win the enemy element as well. And co-evolution Break the limits of your creatures to the top.

- Real-Time PvP and Arena System
Like a positive cable! Just add friends and you can challenge PvP anytime, anywhere Real-Time and choose a team to fight independently. Can enjoy endless friends. Or to climb to the top in Arena mode, the more wins in the Arena, the higher the rank. The award winning season is based on the work done so many waiting for the one to be together.

- Multiplayer mode
In addition to PvP and Arena mode, there is also a story mode. Venture with Creatures to conquer the 7 islands and infinite tower mode to break their limits. Challenge the masses of Creatures with 30 floors with the temptation or temptation. Blood Arena mode Bloody hell, kill most creatures in the enemy in the limited time and of course, do good. Very rewarding! And many other modes.

- Guild and Guild Raid!
In the Creatures game there is a Guild system that will have many privileges. Whether it's a reward of checking the guild name each day, guild buffs make it easier for us to fight enemies, and bringing our creatures to guildmates to level up our creatures. Or Guild Raid It is difficult to imagine. If you can get rid of it. Of course, the prize is waiting.
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