Kingdom Of Sword War - Tower Defense [HACK/MOD: Free Spin/Free Upgrade]

Kingdom Of Sword War - Tower Defense [HACK/MOD: Free Spin/Free Upgrade]

Category: Strategy
Language: Multilanguage
Kingdom Of Sword War is a free strategy TD game (Tower Defense).
In a magical world, you must improve your defenses and powerful soldiers to survive and conquer enemy territory. Realm Defense.

✪ There is a war that you have to win. Keep the grip ready, enemies are coming towards you.

✪ The rival alliance of the evil kingdoms has isolated what has been left of human civilization, forgotten it in a corner of the world, plunged it into misery and tried hard to survive. Fight with soldiers for your kingdom.

✪ Prepare the horses.
Set your warriors and your sword must always be ready for battle. The horn is audible again and our soldiers are destroying the enemy walls and towers.

✪ The age of the dark empires is over, it is time to regain what is rightfully ours, it is time for revolt, war and revenge! TD Battles.

✪ The warriors call your name, General! We are ready for the fight.

✪ Send your gladiators into a sword fight to fight for eternal glory at Kingdom of Sword War - Rush.

✪ There are no Vikings and no Pirates, they are well-trodden Soldiers, attack and defeat all and receive as a Reward new Kingdoms.


♛ Tower Defense (TD) and strategy game style, playable for free.
♛ 3 active abilities for your general
♛ 4 heroes to unlock
♛ 30 soldiers need to be upgraded.
♛ 100+ areas to conquer.
♛ 1000+ building upgrades.
♛ 1500+ defense waves.

► It is a war game in which one can do much like weapons, soldiers, buildings can improve.
► Attack enemies and conquer new kingdoms


► Choose a soldier or a horse soldier or weapons from the menu.
► Tap anywhere to start the game.
► Win all levels and conquer all countries.

fight, conquer, protect, unlock new weapons, upgrade your kingdom, unlock more soldiers, unlock generals and horses, your army must survive, all enemies are killed. Show how hard you are and win all levels.
Kingdom Sword Rush is waiting for new winner.

✔ Tower Defense in the best graphics

✪ It is not an online shooter game. Good Luck, Soldiers!
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