Ski Puzzle - Puzzle game [HACK/MOD: A lot of Tips/Unlock all Chapters]

Ski Puzzle - Puzzle game [HACK/MOD: A lot of Tips/Unlock all Chapters]

Version: 1.0.5
Category: Casual
Android: 4.1 and up
Language: Multilanguage
This is a puzzle puzzle game with simple rules but no simple gameplay.

【game rules】
1. Slide the red square to find the labyrinth exit.
2. The path through which the red square passes cannot be repeated.
3. Use various props to plan the route reasonably.
4, friendship tips: the ice surface friction is very small, only touch the wall, the square will stop.

■ One stroke & push box, innovative fusion, challenge the brain limit!
■ Minimalist wind & puzzle, the convergence of points and lines, the blend of magic and music!
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