Hero Dash [HACK/MOD: DMG/God Mode]

Hero Dash [HACK/MOD: DMG/God Mode]

Version: 1.0.2
Category: Adventure
Android: 4.1 and up
Language: Multilanguage
【Game Introduction】
Floating Island – the last holy place in the infinity darkness. After the Devil Alearis devouring the Godness of Creation, the heroes created the last shelter to protect the hope. Now, the Floating Island is still filled with darkness, but people are used to a peaceful life. The heroes are fighting against the darkness and the residents are providing adequate supplies. Everything is so orderly.

Until one day, a team of adventurers disappeared during the routine exploring mission. The trails left point to the endless darkness outside the Floating Island, so their close friends embarked on the journey to save them...

【Game Feature】

1 Ultimate Experience with Beautiful Image

The cartoon style ARPG idle mobile game recreates the top production of the magical adventure. Beautiful 3D battle image and perfect showing the maze, dungeon, desert, grassland will bring you a ultimate visual experience. The innovative action style of three major calss: brave Warrior, fantasy Waze and smart Assassin and there will be a suitable for you~~

2 Auto Battle for Free Hands
As a relaxing idle mobile game,《Hero Dash》has a special operate mode: simple operation, no setting, auto battle when offline and get all earnings when you back. Eat and sleep, fight and upgrade, easy and relaxing, just enjoy the cool feeling~~

3 Various Plays with Two Plot
Combining the arbitrary battle of the ground and the exploration of the maze will provide you a new game experience. You can have a adventure to beat BOSS, upgrade, and collect various equipments, and you also could enter the maze to enjoy the passion of exploration. There are various chests, endless BOSS, and lots of surprise are waiting for you~~

4 Go Forward with Cute Pets
There is a unique pet system with no difficulties, massive collection, free rebirth, and free development. You are not alone! You can choose the cute pets and explore the secret world together. They will make your battle much easier and you will not feel alone, so do you like them?

5 More Fantasy with Funny Social
Guild, cross server, friends make the social system more fantastic and feel the happiness of campaign. The guild is the base camp for players to interact and socialize. The guild members can donate pets to each other and work together to make the guild much stronger. You can also fight in the guild quest to maximize the fun of the game. Grow with the guild friends and climb to the peak of the guild battle soon!

Take an adventure with cute pets and make your legend. Magical idle ARPG mobile game 《Hero Dash》invite you to protect the Floating Island.

Do you have any game questions? We are happy to solve any problems you meet in the game, please contact us in time!
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